Sunday, September 04, 2005

2005: Bhutan

Trip to Bhutan led by Keren Su of China Span.

Marilyn and Emily went on this trip and were fascinated with the scenery, the prayer flags, the stupas and the festivals. Oh yes, and don't forget the 'Divine Madman' whose legacy is paintings and sculptures of penises everywhere!

Here's just a tiny 2 minute video grabbed from the 6 hours of footage that Marilyn took. -post by Chris-

2005: Savannah Georgia, SWG trip

Placeholder for Society of Women Geographers' trip

2005: Iryan Jaya

Placeholder for Iryan Jaya trip.

Click below for a short video of a Moray eel.

2005: Indonesia - Toraja

placeholder for 2005 Indonesia trip

2005: Antarctica

Placeholder for Antarctic notes